What is Mediation?

     Mediation is an informal, yet structured, process in which a neutral mediator helps disputing parties reach a mutually acceptable solution to issues that are causing conflict between them.  The mediator does not decide how the dispute should be resolved, as a judge or arbitrator would, but instead guides the parties through a process in which they discuss the issues, generate options for resolving the dispute, and help design their agreement.

     Although mediation is commonly a tool for alternative dispute resolution for matters already in litigation, mediation is also effective in avoiding the expense and time required for litigation, or to facilitate communication and conversations in organizational disputes.  The mediation process can be an excellent tool for rebuilding and strengthening relationships.

Comprehensive Mediation Services

  • Divorce, Parenting & Family Law
  • Personal Injury and Insurance
  • Consumer & Construction Disputes
  • Organizational Issues
  • Business and Commercial Disputes
  • Labor and Employment Law

Frustration Free Scheduling

     Mediation should be the end frustration, not the cause.  I offer after-hours and easy scheduling to eliminate the stress of planning for mediation.   Let me know of any special needs or issues in advance and I will take every step possible to meet them.  Give me a chance to show you how easy scheduling mediation can be.  Alwais Mediation is your frustration free source for effective and efficient mediation.