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What We Do

Randall Alwais provides comprehensive mediation services to South Texas. With years of experience in many diverse areas of civil and family law from both sides of the bar, Randall Alwais is able to provide a fresh perspective and realistic insight that can often make the difference between resolution and continued litigation and conflict.


Cost Effective Solution

Full Day: $850 per Party

Half Day: $450 per Party

     The cost of mediation shouldn’t be a roadblock to resolving disputes and I am dedicated to providing cost effective mediation and dispute resolution services. 

Covid-19 Update

Online or in person!

     We continue to provide an alternative to the Courthouse.  We now offer seamless online mediation in addition to traditional in-person mediation.  Integrating Zoom video conferencing and Docusign document execution, we are more than ready to meet the needs of our valuable clients. Not sure how it will work?  WE CAN HELP!

     Want to meet In-Person?  We follow very strict sanitation and limited community contact policies and limit In-Person mediation sessions to below CDC recommendations limiting gatherings over 10 people. 

     We are excited with the opportunity online mediations has created and hope to prove continued high quality and value for our clients.

                         –Randy Alwais