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 My fee is $750 per party for full day session, $400 for a half day.  I accept cash, and debit or credit card. For debit or credit card payments, I do have an additional $5 non-refundable convenience fee.


 While I am willing to conduct mediations at the office of one of the attorneys, often times, a “neutral location” is preferable. I have two spacious conference rooms and all the amenities you may want.

Other Arrangements

 Have special needs?  Let me know.  I will do everything necessary to accommodate the needs of your clients.

 Cancellation Policy

 It is my policy that I do not cancel mediations unilaterally and I am obligated to file a report with the Court if a party fails to attend.
I would ask that you notify me of any cancellation/settlement prior to mediation at least three (3) business days in advance of the scheduled date.  Any notification less than three (3) business days in advance of the scheduled date may result in a cancellation fee of up to $100.00 per party.

Check the calendar below for Availability.

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